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Frequently Asked Questions about billing.
Domain Names (7)
Information on dealing with your domain name, transfers, etc.
General SJBNetwork Website Support (1)
General support for websites within the SJBNetwork including Ghosts-UK, Hampshire Ghost Club, etc.
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Here we offer support on listing websites in our search engine.
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Support for using the Supernatural World website.
Can I Get Better Prices On My Domain Names?
Absolutely! If you have a bunch or other domain names you wish to register or transfer with us...
When do I pay for custom projects?
Usually the client will pay a deposit upfront (between 10% to 50% depending on project size and...
Addon and Parking domains on existing cPanel
When you purchase your domain with us, you will then either need to open a ticket and we'll add...
I have a paranormal question, where should I ask it?
This support desk is to assist those with technical issues relating to either a clients service...
Do you accept Paypal?
Yes we do! You can make your purchases and renewals through Paypal. This is a fully automated...